Think about this for a minute. Your event is coming up. You have invited friends, relatives, co-workers, colleagues… Now imagine getting phone calls from those same people – three, four, or even 6 months later saying how nice the music was and how much they enjoyed your event. Really good live music is like a tide that lifts all ships. It not only stays with people for a long time, but it will trigger memories from your event that people will reflect upon for weeks or months to come. Do not settle for music that is “OK” or even “pretty good”. It will not have the same effect.

Event Pricing

Solo Artists $300.00 1 st Hour / $200 Additional

Duo $400.00 1 st Hour / $300 Additional

Jazz Trio $600.00 1 st Hour / $400 Additional

Jazz Quartet $800.00 1 st Hour / $600 Additional

5 Piece Dance $1000.00 1st Hour / $800 Additional

Party Band Prices based on # of musicians

Make sure that the quality of your live music is commensurate with the time, effort, planning, food, venue that you are planning for your event. Then consider Ollie Patterson Music, LLC – the New standard for creating a memorable experience that like a tide, will lift your event above all the others.

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